Cellulite Treatment

Well-toned and strong muscles tighten the skin that lies directly above that muscle. The result?


Fortunately, EMS training is exactly that. It builds up the muscles just beneath your skin without putting strain on joints or tendons. With BodyTec’s EMS training, you’ll target key muscle groups in their entirety at a high-intensity level. That allows you to target stores of fat located in your hips, thighs, and waist—perfect for removing cellulite.


Tighten Skin with EMS Training

Want to burn fat, tighten skin, and reduce your body’s metabolic waste fast? EMS training with Miha BodyTec Is the way to do it. We’ll help you stimulate key muscle groups, boost muscle mass, tighten tissue along your skin, and improve the toning of your skin.

EMS Training Against Cellulite


Cellulite affects most women, regardless of their silhouette, age and body mass index (BMI). For the majority, it is a self-esteem problem, but thanks to the use of electrostimulation, this problem can be alleviated or even eliminated. Besides creams, surgical and massage devices with palpation, an EMS machine are positioned as highly effective anti-cellulite agent that can achieve positive effects.


Cellulite mostly occurs in the area of the hips and thighs. The so-called orange peel skin is caused by a group of saturated fat cells that are stored under the skin and thus cause deformations. The regular use of electrostimulation with a suitable machine can help to reduce cellulite and, if necessary, even help to eliminate it. Massages with electrostimulation have a draining and muscle-building effect without effort. On the other hand, electrostimulation helps to prevent the appearance of fat cells and make cellulite disappear.