I was instantly interested when I first heard about EMS from Gerard as I had been wanting to do something to improve my core strength and tone up. I have a total aversion to gyms and am not motivated enough to take on an exercise programme on my own. The idea of a 20-minute session once or twice a week really appealed to me so I decided to take Gerard up on the offer of a free session to try out EMS. I then signed up for a 10-session course and completed it in about 6 weeks. I felt the benefits of it after the first session, looked forward to coming back for more, and really saw results after about 5 sessions. I definitely felt stronger, my waistline lost a couple of inches and my hip, which has always felt weak and occasionally achy due to an old injury, really improved. Gerard gives personalised, individualised training; the sessions vary each time which keeps it interesting; all areas are targeted with added focus on specifics as required. He is passionate about EMS and works towards achieving your goals. He has given me so many tips to help maintain my fitness at home which take very little effort and time – even I can do it! The flexibility around booking sessions made it very easy to fit it in with my schedule. I’m looking forward to booking another round!