Bruce Lee used an EMS device to train his body muscles

I don’t think anyone would argue that Bruce Lee is a true martial artist who trains harder than anyone.At least during his prime.

Back then, he didn’t have the science and technology that we have today and he certainly didn’t have our gym equipment. Yet, he was able to discover ways to make his body stronger through hard work and apparently, a secret device.

Despite running 5 miles every morning, lifting weights 3 times a week, and doing all kinds of knockout kicks and punches, Bruce also used an EMS machine.

What this device does is that it tricks the body by sending an electrical signal to a muscle group causing it to contract. It sends a more targeted and stronger signal than the ones produced by the brain.

This EMS device allowed Bruce to work and target specific muscles on his body, even if he was lazy or had other tasks to work on.

Using it while working on his project

According to the movie “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”, the kung fu enthusiast was using a similar machine while working on his college project.


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