Electromyostimulation training (EMS) is a highly effective and safe method to improve physical performance.


Train not only your back, but also all other relevant muscle groups such as abdomen, legs and buttocks.

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Your personal trainer will adjust the impulse level throughout the workout according to your needs. A typical 20-minute


Train not only your back, but also all other relevant muscle groups such as abdomen, legs and buttocks.


Full-body EMS training is a highly effective and time-efficient training method for increasing muscle strength and mass whilst simultaneously reducing body-fat.



Full-body EMS training is a highly effective and time-efficient training method for increasing muscle strength and mass whilst simultaneously reducing body-fat.


At Totalbodytec we offer personal training using Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology in Kildare


  • Have been working with Ger for the past few weeks & am very pleased with the results. I’m working from home & it’s great that Ger provides a mobile service as I have been able to organise the sessions around my work schedule. I’ve had a nagging sports injury for years and I’ve found the EMS training excellent. I noticed a real difference after 4 sessions & continue to work with Ger in getting better! The exercise plan is simple but very effective and Ger has a wealth of knowledge to share. I would highly recommend this training….not just for assistance with injury but as an all rounder for a different type of exercise with positive results.

  • Gerard is professional and friendly,his training methods and nutritional advice excellent, I have achieved great results in training and have a more measured approach to my diet. you leave the studio feeling confident and relaxed looking forward to the next session. I would highly recommend.


  • I’ve just finished my 7th session with Ger Brennan and I’m well on my way to a flat belly. So very happy. Great advice on diet and exercise as well. Thanks Ger..


  • I have nothing but good things to say about my personal training experience with Gerard . His program is designed with individual needs at the forefront and is designed and paced accordingly. He provides great support and his facilities and training manner are excellent . I thoroughly recommend Gerard for anyone wishing to improve their physical health.

    Gerard Dempsey - 26/07/2022

  • I decided to give ems training a go as it was recommended by a friend , i have suffered years with acute lower back pain from working in construction and i have to say after 7/8 sessions now so far with ger working on back recovery and ems training my back feels stronger and stronger each time...Highly recommended

  • Excellent Trainer easy to get on with . Enjoy the training he is very knowledge and if you follow his plan fantartic resul

    Sam Bus Driver Bus Eireann

  • Great trainer,very passionate about what his doing!! Recommend for everyone. Thanks Gerard.


  • Have almost 12 sessions completed with Ger. Started to see little changes as soon as the 4th session. Great advice on fitness and diet which have given me great results.

    Dylan Bus Eireann Bus driver

  • I was instantly interested when I first heard about EMS from Gerard as I had been wanting to do something to improve my core strength and tone up. I have a total aversion to gyms and am not motivated enough to take on an exercise programme on my own. The idea of a 20-minute session once or twice a week really appealed to me so I decided to take Gerard up on the offer of a free session to try out EMS. I then signed up for a 10-session course and completed it in about 6 weeks. I felt the benefits of it after the first session, looked forward to coming back for more, and really saw results after about 5 sessions. I definitely felt stronger, my waistline lost a couple of inches and my hip, which has always felt weak and occasionally achy due to an old injury, really improved. Gerard gives personalised, individualised training; the sessions vary each time which keeps it interesting; all areas are targeted with added focus on specifics as required. He is passionate about EMS and works towards achieving your goals. He has given me so many tips to help maintain my fitness at home which take very little effort and time - even I can do it! The flexibility around booking sessions made it very easy to fit it in with my schedule. I'm looking forward to booking another round!


  • When first introduced to this system I said seeing is believing so I got a first session free (nothing to lose) and to my surprise it left me feeling like rubber but good and within days a new lease of life so signed up for 10 more sessions right away training is a pleasure nothing strenuous my back problem held me back for years now it doesn't I go for it every time all round very clean covid friendly and every question answered it's wonderful for me and I'm very happy with everything all down to one man Ger thank you very much for introducing this to me.




Save time

A 20-minute EMS workout equates to a 90-minute high-intensity gym class or personal training session and can easily be added to your existing workout routine or used solely.

Engage your entire body

Our workouts engage up to 98% of your muscles compared to 60% in the gym, burning up to 500 kcal in just 20 minutes. No weights are required ensuring minimal impact on shoulders, back and knees.

Skilled personal trainers

All sessions are led by highly experienced personal trainers and designed to reach individual goals. Noticeable results can be seen after only 4 sessions or less depending on your lifestyle.

  • Personal training
  • Stimulates muscular blood flow
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • 20 minutes training
  • Metabolism Kickstart
  • Reduces body fat and celluite
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Back pain relief
  • Stress free on joints ligaments and spine

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