Miha bodytec

The golf industry is loaded with products making outsized claims, but it has nothing on the fitness industry.  Google a term like “weight loss,” and you’ll be flooded with products promising massive body transformation without any effort.  This made me skeptical when I was approached with the opportunity to check out miha bodytec, but I’m glad I gave it a chance.  In an industry drowning in bull****, miha is the real deal.

Tee TImes

Improve Shot accuracy
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Reduce on-course fatigue
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Increase club head speed
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Club Grill

Build dynamic strength
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This space-age workout

A session with miha bodytec starts with putting on the body suit – a tight t-shirt and shorts.  The electrodes on the suit get connected together with wires, then a single cable tethers you to the silver miha unit seen in the pictures.  Each session is done with a trainer who starts by setting the level of stimulation that each muscle group receives.  What happens next depends on your goal.  miha bodytec can be used to build strength, warm up, or for physical therapy.

We Offer Private Lessons .

Driving Range

Electro Muscle Stimulation training for golf

Improve overall performance on the course with Electro Muscle Stimulation training. EMS delivers Whole Body EMS training, designed to help build muscle and strength in a short, 20-minute training session. This results in increased swing speed, distance, core strength and on-course stamina. WB-EMS training revolutionizes the way we can target and strengthen vital golf-specific muscles and movements, all while protecting the body from unnecessary stress; especially compared to more traditional strength training methods. EMS training is an inclusive training method for golfers no matter their physical ability.

Totalbodytec Golf Training

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