EMS – the smartest way to train Here

EMS is one of the most effective and advanced workout tools on the market. Scientifically tested and initially reserved only for elite athletes and medical and rehabilitation clinics, EMS personal training is now being made available at totalbodytec.ie 

EMS training provides Covid-secure full-body workouts, led by Gerard Brennan specially trained and certified in private 1:1 or 1:2 EMS sessions.


Just one 20-minute session per week is enough to reap the rewards of this modern approach to training, which also has the benefit of being low impact.  


What is EMS Training?

EMS stands for Electro-Muscular Stimulation. An external EMS device sends a finely tuned electrical signal to the muscles, causing them to contract. The signal mimics the natural signal sent by the brain to the muscles but is more powerful. Combined with a ‘free will contraction’ during an exercise, and the external stimulus from the EMS device, individuals activate up to 98% of their muscle fibres. 


When compared with conventional training methods, most people can only activate around 60% of their muscle fibres. EMS personal training has also proven to be as effective as HIT in increasing muscle strength and size in a 16-week study1.  EMS personal training sessions are also only 20 minutes for a full-body workout, compared with the average 45-60 minute HIT session.  


Activating almost every muscle in your entire body, the added stimulation makes even the most basic exercise seem incredibly challenging. Just 20 minutes of movements and exercises, with additional stimulation provided by the electrical pulses, add up to a very intense workout in half the time and without the impact on the joints of a standard HIT session.  


Who is EMS training for?

EMS Training is extremely versatile and low impact, making it a perfect form of fitness for virtually anyone. No longer reserved for the elite, EMS personal training is now available to everyone to try nationwide.


Gym-shy or time-poor: EMS also appeals to those who don’t like the typical gym environment. Sessions are conducted one-on-one or one-on-two, so the personal aspect is great for those who find the gym floor or group exercise studio intimidating. One 20-minute session once per week is all that’s required for people to see results. For that reason, it is also a great option for busy professionals who can’t make time for the gym.


To find out more contact: Gerard Brennan